• This is super-cool! A web demo of Townscaper. 🏠

  • I’ve been remiss in checking in with Micro.Blog lately. Added my personal feed to NetNewsWire so I can see what’s going on. I’ve been busy with offline projects around simplifying and automating much of my work at the computer, which I’ll be documenting in due course. πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • Trying out Safari 15.1 as my primary browser for a while. So far, it’s… okay? The fact that I’ve greatly reduced the number of extensions I rely on has helped, less time wasted getting things set up to my liking.

  • Since upgrading my Mac to Monterey, I’ve discovered that Apple have removed the ability to disable the Apple Music service from within the Music app, or indeed at all unless I’m missing something.

  • I’ve been cleaning up my long list of old logins in BitWarden, and where possible my online footprint too. Easier said than done β€” some sites either really don’t want you to delete your account, or never considered people would want to do so.

  • Someone I know posted a still from the Facebook Meta presentation with Zuck’s head replaced with Jar-Jar Binks’s, and the name changed to ‘Meesa’.

    It has come to something when Jar-Jar looks less alien than Zuck.

  • Watched first part of Universe, the new series by Prof. Brian Cox, and my head hurts. πŸŒŒπŸ”­πŸ€―

  • Upgraded both iPhone SE and iPad Mini 4 to 15.1, and now Calendar widget on iPad won’t display any events, while on the iPhone it’s fine.

    How is this even possible, Apple???

  • I successfully updated my iMac to Big Sur 11.6.1 last night, and my iPad Mini to iPadOS 14.8.1 this afternoon, but my iPhone SE just doesn’t want to update, the download keeps failing for some reason. Utterly mystified.

  • Had an email from Fastmail notifying me that this month’s renewal hadn’t gone through due to a problem with the payment details (now sorted out.)

    It got sent to the Junk Mail folder.


  • Using Micro.blog in a web panel in Vivaldi is my latest superpower. πŸ’ͺ🏼

    In related news, I tried Vivaldi’s built-in mail, RSS tools: they’re okay but no replacement for either MailMate or NetNewsWire. 🀷

  • Currently listening to Portals: Classic Trance Loops (Hypnotised) and avoiding clicking through to any of the Discogs listings for the tracks used in the mix. (My wantlist over there is huge enough already!) Sharing here because @hollyhoneychurch and others might enjoy.

  • Finally worked out how to forward an SMS message on my iPhone. In this case, to report a phishing message to Action Fraud here in the UK. Why did Apple make it so hard to find the forwarding option? headdesk

  • I see some folks here talking about Drummer, Dave Winer’s latest project. My interest stopped as soon as I saw it required a Twitter account to log in. I sorta-kinda understand why Dave chose that, but as someone who has no intention of going back to Twitter, that’s a hard nope.

  • I decided to have a look again at Fantastical β€” unfortunately, it doesn’t fit my use case, because its Reminders integration seems cursory at best, and as I tend to use that more than Calendar it’s a deal-breaker.

  • Following recommendation from @agilelisa and others, I’ve signed up for the trial of YNAB and entered my accounts information. Next step: tot up all my regular outgoings and set budgets.

  • I had a look at my financial situation, and short-term debt will be paid off by end of year. My focus for next year will be budgeting and controlling my spending, so I can start regular saving again. πŸ’·πŸ’³

  • It turns out that DEVONthink does a really good job now of converting web pages to Markdown text. This could be a game-changer for my blogging workflow! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  • 🌈🌈!

  • I’m back to writing my blog posts in the Gutenberg Editor, after a stint using MarsEdit. Nothing against @danielpunkass it’s a great app, but I find personally that it’s more work for me to write posts that way. Yeah, I’m weird like that. :P

  • In light of the jelly-scrolling glitch on the iPad Mini 6, and Apple’s disinterest in fixing it, I’m wondering about grabbing a used or refurbished Mini 5 instead.

  • My Microsoft 365 Personal subscription is due to expire next month. It would cost me Β£59 from Microsoft for another year, but I’ve just bought and used a 1-year renewal code via Amazon for Β£45. I can only guess that Microsoft doesn’t care how, as long as I keep using Office. 🀷

  • Catching up on the announcements from the Apple event today. The iPad Mini 6 looks pretty sweet, though I note the price has been bumped up from the Mini 5 as well as physical dimensions.

  • Our energy provider contacted us today to let us know they’re going into administration. :( Ofgem, the regulator, confirm it on their website, and will transfer customers to other providers. We’ve taken current meter readings and submitted them, so they know our current usage.

  • I’ve connected iA Writer on Mac to my WordPress blog, but when I try publishing a draft post there’s a delay followed by the decidedly unhelpful message “The application can’t be opened.” and error code -50. I cannot find any help online for this. Argh!

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