I’m seriously considering importing all my WordPress postings into Micro.blog and pointing my domain name here. A lot less admin work, and potentially a better writing workflow too. Has anyone else done this? Any gotchas to watch for?

Google Can't Tell If I'm Alive

I woke up this morning to find an email from Google’s Inactive Account Manager waiting for me. Apparently, they haven’t detected any activity from me in a while, and were asking me to check in to confirm I was still alive and well! Initially I was concerned that it might be a scam, but examination of the email headers showed it to be genuine. Then I was mildly annoyed at the inconvenience of having to go into my Google account, something I only do when I have to.

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'Distraction-Free' Starts With You, Not a New Purchase

I’ve had ‘Can “Distraction-Free” Devices Change the Way We Write?’ in my inbox to read for a while, and finally got around to digesting it in full. While it was an entertaining read, it’s definitely one of those articles that fits the category “Any Headline Ending In A Question Mark Can Mostly Likely Be Answered With ‘No’”. And it felt to me too weighed on the techno-solutionism side. I’m a very happy user of iA Writer, one of the apps mentioned in the article, and I used the Freedom app to help wean myself off of social media and other distractions several years ago.

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Email, The Internet's Backyard

Josh Withers’ blog - Stand back, imma fix email I look at my mate Ash’s iPhone screen and see the red badge on his email app and it terrifies me. What’s the current unread count, Ash? The thing is, most people don’t love their inbox because it’s their internet yard … and most people don’t like looking after their own backyard. They like going to restaurants where waiters bring the food and take away dirty dishes.

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Oh, Kickstarter...

I had already made a decision to pause my participation in Kickstarter projects this year, but the news that they’re planning to jump on the blockchain bandwagon has hardened my resolve to step away from there. Not only is it a middle finger raised against the future of the planet, but I’ve very little confidence that this will ultimately benefit anyone other than Kickstarter, their investors and blockchain partners. Decentralisation, it appears to me, just means different middlemen, less accountability and more likelihood of getting scammed.

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Web3 Is Going Just Great (yes, that title is sarcastic.)

A few loose ends tied up today.

  • Deleted my Dropbox account, as I’ve not used it in ages.

  • Uninstalled SkyFonts on my Mac, my Monotype Library Subscription ends soon and I no longer needs fonts-on-tap.

The Surveillants Surveilled

Disrupting Spycraft: Always-On Surveillance Is Prompting Massive Changes In Covert Operations As Tim Cushing points out over at Techdirt, there’s some deep schadenfreude about spies and covert operations getting tripped up by the surveillance apparatus that their bosses have encouraged over the last few decades.

As part of my cautiously easing back into social interaction online, I’ve reinstalled the Micro.blog apps for Mac and iPad. Thankfully, no extra precautions required for this place. :)

The Same Dark Road

Dan Blankenhorn offers a lesson from history for Elon Musk: Henry Ford was the great manufacturing genius of the early 20th century. In 1921, he was at the height of his fame, fortune, and power. He was hanging out with Thomas Edison. His every utterance was chronicled by an adoring media. But things were about to take a turn. By the time he died in 1947, Ford had wrecked his historic reputation.

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