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Why isn't the Internet more fun and weird?

Why isn’t the Internet more fun and weird?

By mistake, MySpace inspired a generation of teenagers to learn how to code. From Stealing MySpace:

“But Nguyen forgot to block Web markup language in user submissions.

His mistake allowed users to build colorful backgrounds and wallpapers and load them onto their MySpace pages.”

The post is an intro to a new blogging service called Codeblog:

Posts are written in a flavor of Markdown that renders React components inline. This makes writing words feel natural and writing JavaScript feel like HTML.

I’ve requested an invitation, and will update when I know more.

Update 25/08/2020: Huh, I got notified by the Broken Link Finder plugin that the link to Codeblog now redirects to a Google-owned site, WebThing… which serves up a 404 error page.

This does not surprise me in the slightest, which is itself a sad statement on the state of the web today.

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