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Unmooring from

After much consideration, I’ve decided that I won’t be using any more with this site.

I’d already switched over to using this site for all my short-form blogging late last year. To their credit, make it very easy to export your posts in a form that can be then imported into WordPress, and I was able to back-fill all those posts into here without too much trouble.

More recently, I’ve found that I’ve been opening the apps on my Mac and iPad less and less. I now follow a lot of the folks from there via their blog’s RSS feeds, which I find a much better experience for me. (Shoutouts to Holly Honeychurch, Martin Feld, Patrick Rhone, Colin Walker, Art Kavanagh, Miraz Jordan and Adam Tinworth in particular.)

I have no issues with itself, and I applaud the work that Manton, Jean and the other members of the team who’ve grown the service since its successful Kickstarter campaign several years ago. It’s just that my needs have changed, and is no longer a good fit for me.

With that said, I can highly recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere with less noise and a better overall tone than Twitter or Facebook, particularly if you’d prefer not to have adverts shoved in your face at every turn. Yes, it’s not a free service, but the costs are pretty reasonable, particularly if you’re interested in venturing into podcasting. (I have several podcasts that originate from there in my podcast app of choice, Overcast.)

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