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Don't Settle for Small Print

A recent micro-blog-post by @Gabz reminded me of something I’ve started doing again recently — zooming web pages up to 150% magnification. So much more comfortable reading on my iMac 27”!

I’ve decided that I want my eyeballs to last me out till the end, so I’m not willing to put up with lazy web design that presumes everyone has perfect eyesight. And woe betide you if your site uses a typeface that’s hard to read for body text — I don’t care how fancy it looks to you, if I need to zoom to make it readable then you’re going to get a complaint.

There is a special place in Hell for anyone whose website actively blocks the built-in zoom capability of the browser. Looking at you, single-page apps!

Mac users: Command + and Command -
Windows users: Ctrl + and Ctrl -

Now you have these superpowers too. :) You’re welcome.

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