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Oh, Automattic...

Like Mark Hughes, I got this email from the other day.

In a move almost surgically designed to piss me off, Automattic[sic] sent me junk mail “Claim your Ultimate Traffic Guide”. Which after you click thru, tells you “Save $100! Only $17!” for a pamphlet of SEO marketing poison.

I eye-rolled when I read that email. It really is as bad as Mark described.

And we all know what’s in that crap, immoral activities like paying Google and Facebook for ads. If you give Google money, you are financing Judgement Day. If you give Facebook money, you are financing American Nazis.

Either Automattic have spectacularly failed to read the room, or they’ve revealed that their commitment to the open web doesn’t involve challenging Google or Facebook.

I love WordPress the CMS, but I’m really starting to sour on the commercial side, and Automattic its owner.

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