@ChrisHannah I'm considering going all-in on and folding in all the content from my WordPress site. It would make my blogging process a lot faster, and cut down on maintenance work.

@joshua This reminds me why I went into Settings and turned off all sound notifications for all but a few apps. Same for badges and banners.

@LJPUK I deleted my Amazon account last year, but its presence looms large over the online retail landscape.

@adders Good to hear. I got my winter flu jab and booster early as I'm in an at-risk group, a few weeks apart. I should be due another booster in the new year. 🤞🏼

@johnjohnston I wish I were surprised by this revelation. Sadly, there's a long history of grifters preying on the gullible with products that don't protect you against anything and cause actual harm. :(

@jean Long-time Backblaze user here, has saved my bacon several times. Locally, I use Time Machine to an external 5TB hard disk.

@adoran2 I've been a regular donor to SomaFM for years now, I bounce around several of their stations according to my mood, and have been listening on-off almost as long as you. :)

@manton I'm starting to wonder if the biggest threat to the App Store is Apple itself. A simpler system that treats developers well would probably make them even more money long-term, and save them a lot of legal headaches.

@pcora While the initial install is pretty quick, I'd agree with you that getting to a working blog takes a lot longer, and could really do with more post-install assistance and locking down by default. I don't mind the Gutenberg editor, but it's still work-in-progress.